African Railway Systems are expert consultants and suppliers of used locomotives, shunting locomotives, Hunslet locomotives, rolling stock, railway wagons & tracks, passenger coaches, wagons, rail, parts, logistic soloutions, restoration of steam locomotives and diesel electric locomotives in Africa.

Mining Locomotives Surface and Underground

Supply of new or refurbished Mining Locomotives

  • Any gauge
  • Battery Electric, Diesel-Hydrokinetic
  • 2 - 30 ton underground locomotives
  • 2 - 65 tons surface locomotives
  • Underground or Surface locomotives
  • Custom designed

12 Ton Locomotive New

Surface Locomotives

  • Gauge 610mm, 750mm, 1000mm, 1067mm
  • Battery Electric, Diesel Hydraulic, Diesel-Hydrokinetic, Trolley locomotive
  • Custom designed
  • Hunslet, Funkey, Prof, Clyde, Unilok, GE

12 Ton Locomotive New