African Railway Systems are expert consultants and suppliers of used locomotives, shunting locomotives, Hunslet locomotives, rolling stock, railway wagons & tracks, passenger coaches, wagons, rail, parts, logistic soloutions, restoration of steam locomotives and diesel electric locomotives in Africa.

African Railway Services - Sales

Afrail is able to source motive power according to our customers specific requirements:

Diesel-Electric Locomotives

  • GE Type U26C (TFR Class 34)
  • GM Type GT26MC (TFR Class 34)
  • GM Type SW1002 (TFR Class 36)
  • EMD Type GT22CU
  • EMD Type GR12
  • Genset 40 or 60 ton Locomotives 

Diesel Shunting Locomotives

  • Funkey type Diesel Shunters 12 - 40 ton. New or refurbished.
  • Hunslet-Taylor Diesel Shunters. 12 - 25 ton New or refurbished.
  • PROF Diesel Shunters. 8 - 55 ton. New or refurbished.
  • 4WDH (Zeus, Titan, Pegasus), 0-6-0D (Achilles, Ajax, Atlas, Hector) and Bo-BoDE (Olympus, Hannibal and Hercules) UCW locomotives. New or refurbished.
  • Hudson diesel shunters. New or refurbished.
  • Road-rail UNILOK's 

 Mining locomotives

  • 2 - 30 tons
  • Battery Electrics
  • Diesel-Hydrostatic / Hydrokinetic
  • Custom designed.
  • Any gauge.
  • Underground or surface.

Steam Locomotives:

  • 3' 6" Steam Locomotives.

 Railway Coaches:

  •  Wooden passenger coaches. Refurbished. Perfect for use as accomodation, offices or restaurants.
  • Steel passenger coaches. 1st, 2nd or 3rd class sleepers or sitters. New or refurbished.

Rail Inspection Vehicles:

  • Trackmaster 9 or 12 man inspection trolleys. Unrefurbished or refurbished.
  • Any track maintenance machines.

 Railway track:

All types of track.

  • Points, buffer stops.
  • Signaling.
  • Infrastructure.

 Railway Wagons:

All types of goods wagons. New or refurbished.