African Railway Systems are expert consultants and suppliers of used locomotives, shunting locomotives, Hunslet locomotives, rolling stock, railway wagons & tracks, passenger coaches, wagons, rail, parts, logistic soloutions, restoration of steam locomotives and diesel electric locomotives in Africa.

African Railway Systems - Services

  • New shunting locomotives of the Diesel Hydraulic type up to 55 tons
  • Procurement of Diesel Locomotives for Industry
  • Procurement of Rolling Stock for Industry
  • Loco hire up to 30 tons Diesel Hydraulic (Funkey, Hunslet, UNILOK)
  • Loco hire up to 130 tons Diesel Electric
  • Transport Logistics for Rolling Stock
  • Refurbishment of diesel electric locomotives
  • Refurbish of shunting locomotives (2 months turnaround time)
  • Access to track maintenance equipment such as Ballast Regulators and Ballast Tampers, track gangs and railway infrastructure.