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African Rail Systems Workshop

Railway Systems and Consultants

African Railway Systems is in partnership with Ferrovias Del Bajio S.A de C.V who has been in the rail industry for over 42 years, they have experience in design, fabrication, building of new locomotives, DMUs, rail, rebuilt locomotives, modified locomotives for reduced weight, main frames and building structural steel projects etc. they are AAR certified (American Associated Railroads).

A company dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of structural steel assuring the highest quality, technology as well as using skilled personnel for its development. Currently employing 238 administrative and technical employees, 770 workers for manufacturing and assembly.

Our roofed manufacturing area is 35,000 sqm with 6 hectares of property. We have an installed production capacity of 6,000 tons per month. Current developments include the building of four Mainline Diesel Locomotives and six passenger coaches and for a client in Belgium.

Locomotives can be custom designed with a choice on weight, engine type, bogie type, gauge selection and other modifications. Passenger coaches can be built according to custom designs and for any gauge.

Wagons can also be manufactured for any commodity such as coal hoppers, fuel tankers, container flats and gondolas.

Postal Address

  • PO Box
  • Box 6223, Erinvale Estate,
  • Somerset West,
  • South Africa,
  • 7130